Current and Upcoming Exhibitions


‘Observing Green’

December 6th – December 31st 2016: Broadview Espresso (817 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON)

**Soft Launch



June 18th – December 17th 2016: MacLaren McCann (200 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON)

**This is a private exhibition

‘Boulevard Club – On Going Exhibition – Currently: Nauticus’

Boulevard Club (1491 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Toronto, ON)

*Laura’s drawings/paintings can be found in the Boulevard Club’s Medicine Clinic.

‘Destiny Calls’

Destiny CallsDestiny Reclaimed_72dpiDestiny Fulfilled_72dpi

Laura is currently working as the illustrator for the fantasy Anandrian Series and has completed the covers for the first book Destiny Calls (released August 2014), the second book Destiny Reclaimed (released May 2015), and the third book Destiny Fulfilled (released January 2015) written by Kathryn Heaney. For more information about The Anandrian Series please see the links below: