Siwash Rock Stanley Park

“In the past 50 years human beings have emitted carbon at a rate that exceeds the emission levels of our prior existence combined. Couple this with mass deforestation, and increasingly acidic oceans, there’s plenty of evidence that we are disrupting ecological systems around the planet at an alarming rate.” – One With Nature

Inspired by the diversity of the Canadian landscape, Observing Green is dedicated to preserving its vast beauty. Working from photographs collected in her travels, Heaney devotes hours to translating these vistas using the traditional medium of black and white pen and ink. Recounted in painstaking detail the resulting drawings are meant to reflect the permanency and antiquity of the documented landscapes that are then displayed in the fleeting world of instant gratification on Instagram.

15% of proceeds from this series will be donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to help protect Canada’s most vulnerable natural areas.

To view the entire Observing Green collection, please visit @observinggreen

To follow Laura as she travels Canada and to see her works in progress, please visit @lkheaney