Siwash Rock Stanley Park

In late 2016, as conversations about climate change were becoming more mainstream, I found a blog called a Dream Lived Greener. It was about a mother and her son living a zero waste lifestyle, in Ottawa, Canada. The only trash they accumulated were produce stickers. This blew my mind. Fast forward to the present day, and these stories are far more common, but that was my introduction to the impact individual change can have, and how if you model it, the kind of systemic change it can inspire.


After reading this blog, I started adopting new, more sustainable, habits, in my everyday life, and documenting them on my Instagram feed @lkheaney. But I wanted to do more. I decided to pair my love of the outdoors, with my love of travel and my need to make a bigger impact, and Observing Green was born. I began travelling across Canada, documenting its green spaces, and then donating a portion of the proceeds to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, who work diligently to protect endangered ecosystems and species in Canada. By supporting their organization, even my small efforts can add up to have a profound impact. 


My Observing Green pen and ink drawings themselves, are detailed illustrations of Canada’s diverse natural landscapes, that bare witness to how vitally important these ecosystems are to our existence. The subtle unnatural elements of these drawings, the lines in the sky, the lack of colour, nod to the oppressed narrative of human influence on these environments and the effects we’re having on climate change.


Climate change can feel like an insurmountable challenge, but breaking that challenge up into smaller steps, goals and actions, can provide an opening for optimism, which in turn, provides strength, motivation and forward momentum. That’s what I’d like Observing Green to be. A reminder that our relations with the natural world are active and reciprocal. And hopefully a stepping stone for individual actions and like minded people, to do immense good, starting with the support of organizations like the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and small, but consistent changes at home.


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